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Perspective of the Group *
"To achieve happiness for individuals and society and fulfill with them pioneer and distinction wherever we are and wherever others await us".

*Mission of the Group*
Hayel Saeed Anam and His Partners Companies Group is a long dated economic group, with its headquarters in the Republic of Yemen and has extension in several countries of the world. It combine companies and industrial, commercial and service  corporations, which are active in sectors with proceeds and added  value to the customer and all partners on basis of integration, guarantee of quality continuous updating with stress on being pioneer and support of confidence and distinction.

The group process in its activity and thought of leadership and administration from a comprehensive strategic perspective based on holding to principles and flexible systems and dealing, and looking for was a higher degree of diversity, expansion and world competitiveness. In this regard  the group gives  human qualifications the basic role , providing the environment which gives impulse to enhancement of performance and creativeness and strengthening of faithfulness.

 The group also contributes, wherever it may be, to demonstration of human values in solidarity, civil advancement, sustainable development and positive reaction with the environment and the society.


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