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Identification of the Quality Section

The Quality section was founded since November 1999 simultaneously with the installation machines in the various lines of the factory. Before actual production operation the quality section had been provided with a number of testing, and measuring equipment, and the quality section was able to fulfill its function of controlling the product quality and comparing the specifications required from customers, an d carrying out corrective and preventive procedures in case of defects.

We review the test and measuring equipment which are used by the quality controllers to carry out testing and checking in various production lines.
1. (Tape Line):
2.Samples are taken according to varying points. Following tests are made on these samples :
a.Diner: gauged by two apparatus:
-Warp Real Electronic
-Yarn balanced.
b. Strength and Elongation: gauged by: Testometric Micro 350
c.Tape Width: gauged by Tape width gauge.
d.------------Diameter: gauged by Vernier.
2. Loom line and Positioning:
a. Density is gauged by Mash area apparatus.
b. Length and width and other are gauged by Tape meter.

3.Printing Line:
Viscosity is gauged by stop watch.
Colour fastness is gauged by treatment.

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