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* Concept of Marketing *

It is an integrated system of reactive activities which aim at planning, pricing, distribution and promotion of commodities and services which satisfy the needs and desires of present and potential customers.

From this concept, the marketing management tasks emerge represented in :-

First: Study of the Market (customers) in terms of:-
Their details, - faithfulness – motives of their purchases –their purchasing customs,- that:  do they purchase?
And Where?

Average consumption … and aspect of use of product.

Second: Market is divided into sectors:
The sectors are divided into customers (in terms of volume of proceeds from dealing with this or that customers. )

Third: Designing of marketing mixture of each sector:-
(king of product –its price-providing  it in suitable place – and promotion for it.)

Fourth: Implementation of Marketing Plan:
The plan is made and we seek to fulfill it with the purpose of attaining a competitive rank, in addition to  obtaining a largest share of the market to strengthen the company’s profitability, and achieve the required image of our company and our products before our customers.
(Where are we now? – Where do we want to reach?)

Fifth:  Assessment of achieved Results:-
To determine zones of problems  and procrastinate them before they occur, revise strategies so that the company remain  consistent with its markets, assessment of marketing efforts, assessment of success until a bigger  success is achieved.

Role of Marketing Department in attracting  customers and lead the company’s progress to success:-

Our time is described by many as (time of information). Information has become the power and the wealth, and it is the future. He who knows more  has more and becomes more powerful and influential.

What contributed to the  increasing need for information is the fact that competition has become stiff, and indeed fatal, in view of  increasing number of producers. Consumer has become  in possession of much information , and has freedom of choosing of competitive products. No one can force him to purchase a certain product.

Therefore, producers seek to solicit  him . Each of them tries to convince  him  that his goods are the best and the cheapest.

Therefore, consumer has become the predominant and the king crowned on the market throne.

The marketing department must concentrate its role on the following;-

First: Concerning Attraction of Customers:-
1.     To collect and analyze information about customers in order to know their leanings and then be able to satisfy their needs.
2.     To promote relations with them (conversion from  building dealing into  building  and supporting relations).
3.     To know their requirements more profoundly.
4.     To put essential hypothesis on their future dealings, and then ensure these dealings in order to secure more their purchases.
5.     To gauge the satisfaction of the customers and reply to their service quickly.

  Second: Regarding Leading the Company’s progress to success:- 
1.     to give more attention to the most important customers and focus on them (to apply Pareito theory  20/80)
2.     To reduce selling costs are result of selection and concentration .
3.     To gain more businesses  with  customers whom it considers to be strategists.
4.     To protect the company’s investments with the customer by keeping   away competitors.
5.     To promote the company’s status in the mind of the customers, particularly those important ones.
6.     To promote the quantity and quality  of communications with senior customers and  encourage feedback.
7.     To build and deepen customers’ faithfulness to the company and give them impulse to achieve positive levels in the marketing relations ladder  represented in the following:-

Potential customer – customer – client –preferred client – partner – ally.

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