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* Company Profile *

Name: Al Alam Industrial Company (LLC)
The group it belongs to: Hayel Saeed Anam Group
Date of Founding: 1999.
Location: Al Areesh area – Aden-  Republic of Yemen 
Area: 22500 sq.m.

Field of Activity: Manufacturing of woven bags of PP .
Uses of Bags: Used for packing wheat flour –wheat bran- sugar- millet- rice-tea-animal fodder-salt-sesame –fertilizer-powder soap-gypsum .

Potential Manufacturing:
Capacity:  from 10kg. to 50kg.
Density: 40x40 to 50x50 per  each 10 sq.cm.
Bag colour:  All colours
Printing: One side  up to four colours, or two sides  two colours .
Head of the bag: thermal cutting
 Base of the bag: single fold.

The leadership of the Company:
Chairman of the Board of Management:  Ali Mohammed Saeed
General Manager : Khaled Dougaish  00967-2-821614
Financial Manager:  Abdulla Kamel Qayed  00967-2-812518
Marketing Manager: Hamood Mohammed Albasha 00967-2-821519
Head of the Quality Section: Asef Abdulrasheed   00967-2-821616.
Components of the Company:  (Production Units) Tape line –Weaving line- printing line-Stitching Line- Cutting and Compression.
Number of  Employees in the company:
Leaderships:  9              Employees: 90
Workers:   188.

High quality Policies and Techniques in the Company:-
1. To achieve high quality and specifications agreed upon with the customer
2. To achieve comprehensive   quality
3. To promote and activate quality system  management.
1. To use latest apparatus to gauge various specifications.
2. To use effectively statistical methods and database.   
3. To activate procedures  and specimens and implement the quality policy and objectives.

Background information  on the founding of the company and circumstances of that stage:
The company was founded in 1999, simultaneously with the founding of the Yemeni Mills and Grain Silos Company , in an integrated operation to contribute to meeting  local market requirements  for this product, in addition to contributing  to employment of  national labour force and serving  the national economy. 

Products of the Company: Woven PP bags:
Company Markets:  (at present local market ) The company hopes to open outlets to foreign marketing.

Company’s Ambitions for the Future:
1. To expand the present lines
2. To add production lines for other kinds (binding ropes- tarpaulins- marketing baskets –production of thermal lined bags.

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