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Company Certificates

Information about the Company:
The company was founded in 1999. Experimental production began  in November, 1999, and later one actual production began immediately in May 2000, It is one Hayel Saeed Anam Companies’ Group, and its situated in Aden Governorate, Al Areesh.   

Main Activity:-
Production  woven bags (made of polyproplein) to contribute to meeting local market requirements for this product, and serve the national  economy.

Care for Environment:  
A priority of the Al Alam Industrial Company is to give attention to the environment in the framework of the policy of Hayel SaeedAnam Companies Group. To activate the role of the environment, an office resolution number (1)  pf 2005 was issued to form the environmental management team in the company   which  create work teams, … the technical team, …the health … the safety  and occupational health    

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Environmental Work Teams.
1.     To organize various activities  to enhance environmental awareness in the company.
2.     To act continuously  to main the internal work environment.
3.     To set up a database and information for various activities. .
4.     To apply environmental policies and objectives.
5.     To reduce adverse effects.
6.     To take appropriate and preventive  measures to comply with the objectives.
7.     To disclose any defect in the environment whether harmful or useful, whether partial or total resulting from activities and products.   

Analysis of Health and Environmental Traces 

The activities of the environmental management  team include mainly:-
-environmental inspection at internal  environmental level.
-To communicate with industrial companies interested in environment.
-To set up a database for wastes of productive operations.
-To recycle wastes to be used as raw materials  in a way that does not contradict with the quality of product.

For the purpose of distinction, Al Alam Industrial Company has since its founding sought to apply quality management system in its work to ensure improvement of performance, and on 27/4/2004, the  company did won the ISO 9001-2000 certificate in Quality Management System from Intal Quality Certification pvt. LTD. The donor company checked and scrutinized  the quality management system at Al alam Industrial Company. In this way the company with its workers and employees has been continuing to improve performance and achieve the drawn up objectives to achieve development in all productive, technical and managerial operations.

Tape Manufacturing Line:
It is made up of three lines which work around the clock, making tapes from PP which is imported from abroad. The tape manufacturing line is the first and basic stage  in the production process. In view of its importance, the tape is subject to strict control to tests its  lines quality  every hour to know how they meet requirements and specifications.

-Production of tapes in various colours
-Production of  tapes in various widths.
-Production of transparent tapes.

Output Capacity:-
Fifty five million bags per year in various sizes ranging  between packing of ten kg. to fifty kgs.

Preparation line: 
The line is composed of three sections:-
1.     Printing section.
2.     Cutting section
3.     Pressing section.   

In the cutting stage there are five most modern machines which ensure high quality production . This line is characterized with the following:-

-The bag base is strongly stitched.

The printing line is composed of 3 feliscographic  printing machines and manual printer. These machines are among the world’s most modern machines.

-         Printing of various colours
-         Printing on both faces. 

Output Capacity:
12,600 bags
34,000 meter per one shift.
46,055,084 meter annually.   

Loom Line:
The loom line is composed of 84 looms. The loom is the machine which weaves long and wide threats and form weaves in the required width.

1.     Capable of manufacturing weaves from 20 cm. wide to 70 cm.
2.     Capable of including folds on the edge of the bag and thus giving it a new shape.
3.     Capable of adding coloured tapes within a side band in the bad, giving it a new and characteristic shape.

Output Capacity:
62625 meter per one shift
50759852 meter annually.

Customers’ Complaints:-
Customers’ complaints are dealt with in the form of rectification and preventive measures, and they are tackled immediately along with attempts to know the roots of the problem in order to take measures that prevent repetition of the problem.   

To know the measures taken to tackle customers’ complaints, we summarize them as follows:
1.     To take corrective and preventive measure.
2.     Visit the customers
3.     To write a minute about the visit to the customers containing the problem and how to tackle it.
4.     To analyze the roots of the problem.
5.     to review the specifications and requirements.
6.     To issue a document on inconsistency.
7.     To hold meeting of the concerned department to take suitable decisions.
8.     Final actions to be taken after ensuring sound measures and inspection.
9.     Strict follow up and control after customer’s complaint is closed.   

Possible  Expansions:
Since the beginning the top management of the company has been planning possible expanding of the company’s work, particularly as there is a good opportunity for these bags to be widely used in the local market and to attract foreign market. By analysis and study of the market share, it was shown that these bags are highly in demand in viewtheir manycharacteristics which make them most suitable substitutes to many bags which are now made from other materials like paper and jute etc.

Expansion in 2003
15 Looms were added   

Expansion in 2004
Starex No. (2) was added
With addition of (8) looms   

Expansion in 2006
Starx No. (3) was added
Kon m/c 2 and m/c printing
And Looms 17

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