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* Training in Hayel Saeed Anam Companies Group *

In language is it derived from the word train, skill, understand, done accurately, and idiomatically training is defined:-

As continuous activity to provide individual with skills, experiences,  trends, and conducts which make him able to carry out a certain function  for the purpose of increasing production  for himself and for the authority with which he is employed, or to communicate knowledge, skills, and news conducts to promote individual's qualification to fulfill limited tasks  in the authority with which he works. )

Training in Hayel Saeed Anam Companies Group:
The group has given considerable attention to training and qualification . It has an important role in this field by developing its employees and workers and qualifying them to gain experiences and skills in various administrative and technicalaspects. As result, it founded a training center specially for the group to conduct regular training. It is the Technical and AdministrativeTrainingCenter, with its headquarters in Taiz Governorate, Alhooban to hold training programs which meet the needs of all companies to promote and develop the skills of the employees and workers of the companies of the Group. The center has highly qualified teachers and instructors in various fields. There are also relations of cooperation with other centers in some training programs which are found to be suitable and with high return to the development process and improvement of productivity which assist in opening training horizons in know-how for the workers and employees of all companies. This costs the Group huge amounts, However, the Group finds that these amounts bring enormous return in that the worker of the employees gains skills and experiences which enhances his work and himself, and this leads to increase of production.

Training at Al Alam Industrial Company:
Since its founding in 1999, the company has given attention to training, and attached high importance to it.. This care is a part of the attention given by the Group to training in order to promote and advance the worker or the employee and make him gain skills and conducts and knowledge in the field of his work, and later bring advantage to the company in productivity process. Hence, the company won international quality in its industrial career.(ISO 20091-9001).

After its interest in application of ISO system in the company's dealing and in quality specifications for its products and dealings inside and outside the company.

Hence, the company represented in the high management which is represented in (general manager) became increasingly interested in training and qualification by determination of the workers and the employees' needs fore training programs which assist in promoting their abilities and productive skills. There is a documented course for determination of these needs, which is within a plan that is planed annually, and has special budget for training. These needs are discussed by the training officer with the employees and the workers to determine these needs according to work requirement. With these requirements taken into consideration a training plan is made to be fulfilled during the year at the training centers of the Group of other centers which the company finds able to improve the workers and the employees' performance and develop their practical abilities and which are approved and authorized to by government authorities.

With this remarked care given to training and qualification by the top management since the companys founding we explain as follows through a number of training programs which were implemented over last years, and the number of trainees who participated in these programs which brought advantage to the company through improved productivity and improvement of the workers and the employees' performance:-

Programs implemented in the period from 1999 to 2006  










Implemented programs









Number of trainees












Based on this care to  implement internal programs an internal program for 2006 was carried out by the company for production laborers on  fundamentals of electricity in machine. This was the first program and first step  in the implementation of such internal programs.

As for this year, 2007, a training plan was made  several internal programs for production and maintenance departments in view of their importance to improvement of production. Comprehensive qualitative programs were also held for all employees and workers of the company   to introduce the company, its rules and regulations  and to introduce  security and safety and comprehensive qualitative and maintenance in engineering and electricity.

This year, training programs accredited in the training budget will be implemented at the Groups training centers  or at other centers. They are among the training requirements which are already prepared. Talking about the subject of general and special training at Hayel Saeed Anam Companies Group at Al Alam Industrial Company, we showed even though in a simple way  the importance of training and the attention given by the Group and the company  to this effective aspect of development and promotion of skills and conducts of employees and workers, and to qualifying them to improve production process.

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