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* Security and Safety Procedures *

Occupational safety and health in Hayel Saeed Anam Companies have one objective, which is distinct safety, and aversion of as much dangers as possible. Al Alam Company as a member of this blessed group as keen at application of safety principle to all its employees and workers in a way that ensures distinguished performance.

Proceeding from this objective, the company seeks to apply it in reality through:-
1. Providing of safety equipment and health protection for the employees.
2. Providing of healthy atmosphere for all the employees through the following:-
a. Conducting regular tests of dangerous work sites.
b. Holding first -aid courses for awareness. 
c. Organizing lectures and awareness for the workers and the new workers. And informing them about work risks and how to deal with them.
d. Informing them about method of dealing with machine and how to avoid labour injury.  


Actions of Training to Put Off Fires
3. Occupational safety and health is the responsibility of all.
4. To apply principle of gratification and punishment.
5. To follow up the dangerous works and security situations in the company through the daily logbook.
6. To give prior permit to the dangerous works (welding + Cutting + sharpening) during official working hours.
7. To comply with the safety rules and regulations through the security instruction at work.
8. It seeks to create a clean and safe environment for disposal of wastes by selling them and benefiting from them.
9. To follow up sound storing of our products as well as the raw materials according to the safety systems and rules.
10. Always to consider safety before embarking upon any work.
11. To provide the companys protection equipment such as providing all kinds of ash-trays (powder+co2+water+foam).
12. To provide first-aid materials in a relief box for slight injuries.
13. To contract with a special hospital to receive emergency cases and work injuries.
14. To conduct regular check-up of workers and employees.
15. To grant abundant rewards to those who give creative ideas which assist in reduction of injuries and work risks.

Actions of First Aid Training
 Preparations are also underway to equip the factory with most up-dated fire fighting networks and early warning means according to international specifications  and N.E.P.A.
Al Alam Industrial Company is extremely concerned with the safety of worker who is most valuable capital.

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