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* Most Important tasks of Human Resources *

1.†To plan human resources.
2.†To analyze and classify the works
3.†To choose the† staff
4.†To assess the workersí performance
5.†To manage promotion processes.
6.†To train and develop human resources.
7.†To plan staffing†† operations.†††

The human resources department plans for labour force and selects distinguished cades to carry out its works with high efficiency. It determines their staffing operation and gives all the employees without discrimination all their entitled salaries that meet their living requirements. as well as annual leave, and provides for them best treatment at specialized hospitals. It also gives them distinguished loans to assist them in managing their life requirements and grants the employees financial assistance to meet special expenses from the Social Solidarity Fund to cover such matters as marriage, births and deaths.-God forbid.

The company conducts annually several tours for the employees to various †places For example:-
1.†Travels to the governorates to now their archeological landmarks, public parks, and modern buildings.
2.†Travels to other governorates to visit sister factories and companies and modern manufacturing methods.†††
3.†Travels to Yemeni coasts for tourism and recreation purposes.

These travels bring about positive proceeds represented in the following:-
1.†They give the employees feelings of friendship among themselves.
2.†Employees feel faithfully to the company.
3.†They renew activity for work.
4.†They inform employees about new areas and various recreation places which they did not know before.
5.†The employee is informed about new things in sister companies in the factories he visits.
6.†They strengthen ties among the departments and the employees of the sister companies.
The Ideals:-†
†The company selects three ideal workers every two months according to special standards during which the ideal worker receives an amount of money in appreciation of the ideal workers. These distinctions motivate other employees to follow the example of their colleagues and make more efforts in work and comply with the company's regulations. The message of the ideal workers to their peers that they should exert their best efforts in the work.

The Company's Park:††
†There is a park within the company's wall. It is beautiful and divided into several green squares. Flowers such as sunflower and decoration trees are planted init. Big trees are also planted inside the wall to deter seasonal winds.†

The Al Alam Industrial Company has taken up the responsibility of training 15% of the total labour force in the company in all managerial, financial and technical specializations. 20 training programs have been held since the beginning of the year, and the number of participants was 40. The company sends them to specialized training centers which have experts with scientific qualifications. It also sends a number of workers for training to Taiz Governorate at the special training center such as the Technical, and Administrative Training Center, or to the training sector hall in Taiz with which makes contracts with foreign training centers to carry out training operations. Training assists in enhancement of efficient of the employees to carry out continuous development to kep us with new developments in the world of administration and industry.

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