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Success is maintained only through gaining customers' satisfaction which will always make us the top of competitors. It supports our ambition to become one of the major companies in plastic industries. We are committee to high quality, and we apply specifications determined by the customer and are keen at promoting and adding new lines that give us pioneer place in plastic industry market and meet all customers' requirements.

Our company which hold ISO certificate for quality system application 2001-9001ISO is working to achieve the assigned objectives of continuous development and attracting the best qualified human elements and skilled labour force as our main tasks. The presence of effective financial and administrative systems and work elements which are so qualified will provide for our products opportunities growth locally, regionally and internationally, in a way that doubles our market share and achieves profits under commitment to firm and regular quality of high value and benefit for our customers.

Believing in the importance of preservation of the environment, the company is keen at preventing pollution, reducing environmental effects resulting of likely to result from its products and activities. The company places security and occupational safety at the center of its care. Preservation of employees is fulfilled through provision of safety and healthy atmosphere of the work environment within the framework of creating safe environment which secure increasing production averages and achieve the main objective of satisfying the customers. This strengthens our vision to become among the pioneer woven bag manufacturing companies.

The General Manager
Shihab Saeed Abdo Saeed

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