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* Description of Productive Operations *

1.†Raw Material Store:-
Raw materials included in woven bag industry, namely:-
1. Polyporoplain
2. Master batch.
3. CACO3.
†The aforementioned raw materials were removed from the raw materials store to the production hall towed by crane.

2.†Threat Stretching Line:-
The raw materials which are in the form of small kernels are entered into extruder.† Through the sucking unit. The raw materials are mixed in limited proportions through the sucking unit and then smelted homogenously. The smelted materials are pressed into the filter, and then into what is known as flat die, a machine in which the smelted material comes out in the form of a film which enters into a cold water basin† to† reduce temperature† and the film is cut by† sharp† knives into† threads with equal thickness. The edges of the† film are cut and go to the grinder† where they are smelted again† in the extruder . The threads go to rolls where each threat† goes to a separate roll in which the† thread is rolled to produce bobbin.

Circular looms† specially designed to make a pipe-shaped weaving are used. Linear threads go from pulley† on both sides of the creels, towards the looms† which involve regular and tight arrangement in† order to give us high quality weave.†
During production of weave by the loom it is possible to replace the pulley†† easily and quickly without stopping the loom.

†Regarding the† width of the weave, it could be easily amended† by changing the weaving ring after controlling and standardizing it. The loom is operated by pipe weaving. When the roll is completed† another roll is laid , and so on.

6. Bale pressing:
Hydraulic press is used† to press the bales† to be easily removed . The bags ready for pressing are dragged† by a wagon to the press for pressing. Later the bale is tied by plastic ropes and then the press is lifted and it is removed to the final production store by wagon.

7.†Recycling line:
†The quantity exhausted from production operation as result of defect or damage is known as scrap. It is removed to a recycling machine to be recycled and produced in the form of small kernels.

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